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Prayer Mode: The Posture of Effective Prayer

A Study for Individuals & Small Groups

God has gone to great lengths to pursue fellowship with his beloved sons and daughters. He greatly desires for us to spend time with him in prayer! However, for many Christians, prayer is a task they complete on spiritual autopilot mode. Too often, in the busyness of life, one might find themselves going through the motions, offering up a quick prayer before meals or bedtime, without much thought toward the posture of their prayer lives. But there is a mode to effective prayer, and that is the topic explored throughout the pages of this book. Prayer Mode: The Posture of Effective Prayer will guide readers through an eight-section Bible study designed to refresh their perspective on the mode in which scripture calls believers to pray. This book will help readers explore the importance of, not just the words they pray, but the heart posture, motives and passion behind the words they pray. Developed for individuals or small groups, each topic includes engaging Bible teaching paired with a guide for corresponding personal study, self-reflection and group discussions.

Available in: Kindle e-book
Copyright: 2023
Language: English
Publisher: Leah Cast
File size: 1595 KB

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