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Transplant: Bible Principles to Grow & Prosper with God

God is the master gardener. We are his transplants.

Through his love and grace, God has transplanted us from the bondage of our past to the freedom of new spiritual life with him. But how do we remain rooted, growing and flourishing in our relationship with God? Transplant will guide you through 30 Bible principles needed to have a prosperous life with the Lord. This weekly devotional and prayer guide covers topics to help you thrive as a believer, including foundational Biblical truths, identity in Christ, producing spiritual fruit, and maturing in your purpose.

Transplant’s thoughtfully curated visual imagery, engaging storytelling and detailed scriptural study is intentionally designed to partner with you on your journey of growing and prospering with God. Featuring 35+ full-color images of modern photography, this beautiful reading experience would make the perfect addition to your coffee table or library, or serve as a gift for family and friends.


Available in: Hardcover, Paperback
E-Books: Kindle, Nook, E-book
Number of Pages: 194 pages
Copyright: 2023
Language: English
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Item Weight: 1.2 lbs (hardcover) 13.1 ounces (paperback)
Dimensions: 6.14 x 0.69 x 9.21 inches



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